Migrant Kids


First off, what is a Migrant Kid?

Our (John and Miguel) parents worked as field workers in Texas. They grew up in San Antonio and Eagle Lake Texas. They ended up migrating up to Michigan to pick cherries in Traverse city and we were born up there. It really comes down to our parents working hard to give us choices. The gift of options and choices are probably the best thing they could have ever passed down to us.

Throughout the album the lyrics seem to take you on a roller coaster of inner soliloquy and storytelling. When is the moment you pick up a pen and start writing and what follows in your songwriting process? What influences you?

There really is no set formula we have for this. I think we really try and write about things as they come as to not soundmigrantkidshires2bydevakiknowles
forced. The last record we were all going through a break of some kind with an ex girlfriend so we did not have to look too far for inspiration or influence when creating the vibe and feel for the songs. Migrant Kids is completely collaborative from start to finish, one of us may have an Idea and it snowballs into a song after we all have had our hands on it. As far as our influences, we have many, right now we are all into Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saint’s, Michael Jackson and the National, but it really comes down to what we are all feeling at the time we start playing as a group, sometimes the music ends up sounding like nothing we have been listening to or influenced by, but that is a good thing!

Where do you wish to take Migrant Kids and what do you wish people to take from you?

We want to take Migrant Kids as far as our creativity and support will let us go. We have goals for this year, wanting to play ACL, record a new record, and tour more, but we will keep pushing ourselves as hard as we can until we feel like we can’t. We want what most other artists want, and that is to have people be moved by our art. I hope for us, people will feel like they can trust that our intentions are genuine, and want them to feel for the music just as much as we do. We work very hard at being honest. I mean our favorite comedians, favorite directors, artists, authors, musicians and people are all honest to the point of making themselves vulnerable. Iconic doesn’t boast iconic. Wise doesn’t boast being wise. We are what we put into it and as artists this means giving up many creature comforts for the benefit of the art. We are just people hungry to create our art and will make sacrifices in every aspect of our life to do so. Migrant Kids are not waiting for anything to be handed to us. This year will be a huge year for Migrant Kids and we’re very glad all the buzz is happening in Austin and all over Texas.

And lastly, what is your spirit animal?

We each have our own as individuals. As a group we are definitely a workhorse stallion. Fierce and hardworking and best left to roam wild.

For More MIGRANTS KIDS check out http://www.migrantkids.com
(Taylor Brandegee / AMF Staff Writer)