Demi the Daredevil
Locally Grown Music: Demi the Daredevil
October 5, 2019
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AMF is excited to bring our October Artist of the Month, Demi the Daredevil, to Geraldine’s for some #LocallyGrownMusic!

The energetic duo will be releasing a 7-track EP on October 18! Demi the Daredevil is led by frontman Jeff Azar with Tyler Gescheidle behind the drum-kit.  The band draws on the widest variety of influences, ranging from Emo Punk to Show Tunes, and their sound stands out with creepy theatrics, intricate arrangements, and deep lyrics.

Fans describe Demi the Daredevil as raw, relatable and inspiring. Jeff, who started as the band’s drummer, assumed the role of frontman after their founder and lead singer Jovan Ortiz passed away.  After a long, tumultuous journey of universities, mental hospitals, changing band members, and living in attics and teepees, Jeff realized that he could write the songs himself. He released his first solo EP “Secret Schizoid” in October 2016. This quickly garnered a dedicated fanbase around the world. 
 Since then, he has been releasing singles periodically, working with Kevin Butler (Blue October) and Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy) to mix his songs.In June of 2019, Tyler Gescheidle (Tyler G Drumming) joined the band as a full time member bringing charisma, finesse, and a dynamic style both to the live performances and new records