Sydney Wright by Brad Bond
Mood Live: Sydney Wright
June 13, 2019
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We’ve partnered with Mood Media for another year of Mood Live, a free concert series curated by AMF that features local artists who are then licensed and included in Mood Media’s music programs and heard in over 100 countries around the globe. We’re too excited to kick things off with a performance from Sydney Wright.

Sydney has been writing songs for over a decade. While her huge voice often gets her compared to pop darlings, there’s a darker, more experimental edge to her work. Drawing heavily from hip-hop rhythms, with loops of piano, guitar, beatbox, and doo-wops, Wright creates a sonically complex, live-looping, one-woman show all her own. Years in the making and ever delayed by the detours of life and creative growth, Sydney Wright’s debut full-length amounts to a greatest-hits-so-far for the Austin pope polymath, whose lush, layered compositions are hallmarked by slow-burning verses erupting into gargantuan hooks.

Listen to Sydney Wright.