The Watters
The Rhythm & Vine Concert Series featuring The Watters and Emily Gimble
August 9, 2019
3Ten Austin City Limits
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Charles Smith Wines presents the Rhythm & Vine Concert Series at 3Ten, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Austin Music Foundation.

Our second installment will feature The Watters and Emily Gimble.

About The Watters

The Watters honed their one-of-a-kind sound wandering around the country and soaking up their habitats.  Born and raised in Sedona, The Watters developed their eclectic sound after living in several dramatically different cities including Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville and now Austin.  Seamlessly blending Americana, Soul, Rock and Jazz, they have been described as “Fleetwood Mac with a horn section.”  Daniel and Jenna Watters have collaborated on seven albums together under various monikers, and they released their debut record, GREAT UNKNOWN, as “They Watters” in 2016.  They have garnered a devoted fan base through their energetic performances, stirring vocals and road-weathered musicianship.  For The Watters, life and music are one, their journey together being their greatest muse.

With more than decade of music collaboration, husband and wife duo Daniel & Jenna Watters embrace a sound they call “Americana Soul”.  Aided by some of Austin’s fines musicians (Trevor Nealon of Band of Heathens, Anthony Farrell of Greyhounds, Tijuana Train Wreck Horns of Shinyribs), The Watters is full of the rich experience and expert contributions of everyone involved.  Lively horn riffs and lingering vocal melodies serve as a cornerstone for the new album, which features well-crafted songwriting, the electric energy of a live performance and unique genre that is both indefinably new yet always familiar.


About Emily Gimble

The best storytellers always do a careful dance. Details offered, details withheld. Drawing you in one raised eyebrow at a time, whispering here, bellowing there. Are you listening? These are secrets being told, not to mention joys, sighs, even – if you can detect them – sly bits of advice. Lean into it. Close your eyes. They’ll carry you softly home.

It’s a dance singer-songwriter Emily Gimble performs on her debut album “Certain Kinda,” with songs as soulful as they are winsome, broody as they are beautiful. It makes sense for a woman who grew up with music in her blood, singing and playing on-stage since she was seven years old. Maybe it couldn’t be helped: when your dad is Dick Gimble, beloved guitarist and upright bass player, and your grandfather is Johnny Gimble, one of the most beloved fiddle players of all time, there’s really no choice but to play, is there?

“Certain Kinda” was mastered at Ardent Studios in Memphis, whose catalog includes the likes of Bob Dylan, The Raconteurs, and The Staple Singers (a huge influence on Emily), as well as Texan natives the Vaughn Brothers and ZZ Top. Well-honed musical ears will appreciate a production that feels unfussy but pristine, vintage but clean. It’s the result of a musician who’s spent decades learning her craft, and a lifetime building her musical family. If this arresting debut album is any sign, we’ll be hearing the name “Emily Gimble” for many years to come.