February 2016 – Jam Therapy

Release Date: October 1, 2015
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Why do you call yourselves Jam Therapy?
Jam Therapy was just a cool sounding band name that we made up for ourselves as young bucks in our high school days. We were into late 60’s and early 70’s rock and the name just has a classic vibe to it that describes what we do and what our music does for us and the listeners. It’s that auditory feel good, baby!
Do you believe that music has the power to heal people?
Oh yeah. For as long as music’s been floating around into people’s head it’s been changing lives and history. Music is the universal language; it speaks to everyone and everything! Music gets animals to dance, it makes plants grow faster and stronger, music makes your furniture comfier, planets have frequencies of their own for goodness sake! Music makes people dance which is a great form of exercise and can touch you on a mental level to make you feel some type of way.
Speaking of powers, which heroes (Be it superheroes or non-fictional) are each of you most like and why?
Garrett: Professor X. While he himself is exceptionally powerful alone, he chooses to surround himself with his mutant brethren, to help explore the possibilities4td9knzd of their freakish powers and fight for mutant and human equality.
 Alejandro: People say I remind them a brown Elvis or a Cuban Jimi Hendrix. It’s all about about being an entertainer and letting your soul dazzle an audience and yourself.
 Chase: Wolverine. He’s a healer and a wild man animal. Pretty much identical to Chase. Even to the chops.
Matt: Godzilla. He rises from the deep with vengeance in his eyes to serve up justice and save lives. Or Sasquatch. He’s the big, hairy, misunderstood, lovable oaf.
It’s evident that Garrett has a mean running high-five. Do you guys have any other hidden tricks or talents that we should know about? 
Jam Therapy has a bunch of hidden tricks and talents, but they wouldn’t be hidden if we told yah, right?!

Tell us a little bit about the new EP? What inspired you to write it?

“Tongue & Groove” is our way of showing our patients how diverse we are as a band and how we can manipulate our music to fit different genres while having the core Jam Therapy sound. It has been a few years since we released our last album and we’ve been itching to get back into the studio. Of all places to release our new material, the live music capital of the world is the best! We figured Central Texas needed a taste of the Emerald Coast.
What is your favorite song to perform together and why? 
If we’re talking about the new EP here (it’s pretty tough to play favorites) we’d have to ride with “Camelia”. It’s one of our more unique numbers that has a great, driving, energetic push to it that gets us pretty wild on stage and gets the crowd pretty riled up too. The storyline has a great flow and it keeps the listener engaged. The instrumental aspect of the song has a story of its owns as well; it rises and falls with the lyrics, slows down and picks back up,and overall  just really keeps the song moving as an entity of its own.
What can we expect to see from you guys this year? Any major band-goals?
Well, you can expect to see Jam Therapy’s name buzzing around town as we’re trucking forward promoting “Tongue & Groove” as hard as we can. We want to do our first tour this year and get a taste of going through America in a rock n’ roll fashion. We’re just going to keep grinding and grinding our creative vessels and release the wide world of music that’s constantly brewing in our strange noggins. Stay with us and we’ll give you that good medicine.

For more on JAM THERAPY and upcoming live performances go to http://youneedjamtherapy.com