James Junius

“James Junius = múm + Rocky Votolato “- Slug Magazine

Basking in the amber glow of Salt Lake, UT, James Junius has lived as a singer/song writer, coalescing Folk, Jazz, Ambient and Alt. Country music. He has been roaming the backlands of Western America and his music is an expression of dirt and people he’s met. Spending the summer of 2014 performing in Glacier National Park, James Junius recorded his first album, the 14 track “moth,wing,dream” in a marathon three days and released it opening for well-known band, Mimicking Birds. It was received to much acclaim, such as, “A fluttery work of ambience, moth,wing,dream evokes images of a flickering light in a cabin or a midnight walk through a cemetery. It could be a soundtrack for a horror film with its hushed chords and sci-folk vocals. “Lake Days” is composed in the style of Morrissey, with simple synth guitar and repetitive, gloomy lyricism.”- (Slug Magazine).

Not one to slow down, James Junius then recorded his second album of sparse, acoustic originals in November of the same year, producing “Aged Autumn Embers”. He is often compared to, “if Morrissey did vocals and Bon Iver did instrumentals for a musical project.” James Junius has no intentions of slowing down and plans to keep working at his current, break-neck speed to continue making the music he loves.

There aren’t many young singer-songwriters whose words transcend generations and geography. At 22, James Junius writes songs that come from the heartland but resonate with all of us. Songs about love, home, hope and hopelessness – eternal and universal emotions never felt more strongly than today. James has a voice that can soothe, or rattle your bones. He deserves to be seen and heard!”  – Terry Lickona, Executive producer, Austin City Limits

Basking in the amber light of Salt Lake City, 22-year-old James Junius has lived as a singer-songwriter since first picking up a guitar at the age of 11. Born and raised in a Mormon household, James found his spirituality beyond the usual formal religion in unconventional ways through the likes of The Who, James Taylor and Bill Fay. His music today melds Heartland Rock, Shoegaze and Ambient music in an attempt to portray the world as he sees it in the wild, frail west and the people he has met in various late night conversations out under the firmament.

He has begun the next chapter in his musical journey by relocating to Austin, Texas, recording his debut album, partnering with the long-time executive producer of television’s Austin City Limits, and preparing to showcase his new music at SXSW in March, 2017.