July 2019 – Roland & the Roots Riddim

Roland Mista Muzik Kemokai

AMF is proud to present Roland & the Roots Riddim as our July Artist of the Month!  

The Roots Riddim’s high energy is influenced and directed by the lead-singer & frontman, Roland “Mista Muzic” Kemokai. Born in Liberia, West Africa, Roland was discarded on a dump-pile as a baby. He struggled through poverty, violent abuses, and the Liberian civil war while utilizing remarkable gifts of strength, perseverance, and his music to survive.  These qualities have resonated with his band members, who each believe that through the power of music they can contribute both locally to their community and more broadly to the world. 

Roland is multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer who uses his music to share his belief in the power of forgiveness, positive thinking, and the potential for greatness within us all. He is also a vocal instructor, published author, and empowerment speaker. 

Roland says, “Music is my first love and sacred space of tranquility. When bullets were flying everywhere taking lives randomly and mortar shells dreadfully blasting in the streets of Monrovia, my 3-stringed village guitar became my best friend and deepest comfort. And now with the Roots Riddim Band we can really turn up the vibes.”

Catch the full band performing on Friday, July 12 at Geraldine’s our Locally Grown Music showcase. 

Roland & the Roots Riddim

Roland & the Roots Riddim, by Ismael Quintanilla III