May 2019 – The Bishops


We’re stoked to present The Bishops as our May Artist of the Month ⚡️The duo just returned from an international tour in Russia, and release a new single, ‘Truffle Trap‘.

Siblings Cara & Troy Bishop weave elements of hip-hop, electronic, pop and jazz to form their multifarious, self-produced sound – a sound simultaneously futuristic and down to earth.

Troy Bishop is a producer, DJ & rapper raised in Austin. Troy started producing music at the young age of 12, when he and his older brother discovered a free production software known as FL studio. Troy began to craft his own sound and went on to form a hip-hop super trio with his older brother & younger sister, known as The Bishops. As The Bishops started  to play shows all around the city and gain local buzz, Troy couldn’t help but feel inspired by his siblings’ vocals and soon began to write rap verses of his own.

Growing up , youngest sibling Cara gravitated towards the visual arts, inspired by artist such as Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Nick Cave. Focused on drawing, it wasn’t until her brothers created a hip hop duo that she was inspired to pick up a guitar and start creating music at the age of 15. With her brothers encouragement, she started writing original songs and performing around Austin alongside them.

Drawing from their shared upbringing, The Bishops channel their musical gifts for both healing and the construction of new dreamscapes and mythologies.