Artist Spotlight: Darkbird

#LoveAustinMusicMonth is here, and we’re loving Darkbird. Darkbird is prepping the release of a new single out this month, with more music coming throughout the year. The band just finished their 3rd record which will be followed by a nation-wide tour in 2019! See ’em at Stay Gold on Feb. 15.

Read our exclusive interview with the band below. Listen to Darkbird here.


Congrats on being artist of the month! We’ve heard you have a string of singles coming out this year. What can we expect from the new songs?

Thanks, we are honored to take that title. We never really have expectations when we write, except to just have evolved in some way. All we will ever try do is move the listener to tears or joy or both. Insanity could be cool too.

How has your sound changed since I Remember Feeling My Fingers Slip?

Maybe a little more synth heavy, possible more of a dance element, but not losing the essence of what the band is. Whilst this next round of songs are a little more sad they are a little more fun. Sure, one of the songs is about an affair but we could totally see a toddler bouncing to it, ya’know?

Can you give us a little insight on your release strategy? Why did you decide to release singles instead of a full album?

Attention Span. Most of us don’t buy albums unless we are trying to build our vinyl collection. Spotify and other streaming services compose our entire listening experience. As a band, we feel that each of our songs deserve attention, and the way to achieve this is to release them individually, and see what happens. It might be a terrible idea, who knows?

We were excited to see your name on the list of SXSW official artists for a third time! What was the best experience you’ve had as an official artists featured at the conference?

I think whether you are there officially or not, the best experience is to see a breakout performance by a cool band. Whilst SXSW is exciting it’s also extremely daunting and can really shine a light on how far you still have to go in this business as a baby band. Seeing raw talent amongst it all has really given us a boost and if anyone knows anything about SXSW, they know that what you need when you’re there is a boost!  

Do you have any advice for first-timers? How can a band make the most of their SXSW artist wristbands?

Advice is hard to give for such an overwhelming event. Just try to absorb what you can. Go to the educational seminars, go to shows, and play what you can. But be smart about it; SXSW offers good and bad, it’s a large but not yet tamed beast. Be a sponge. Don’t think you’re gonna be famous after SXSW, yet understand the benefits and connections that it can provide for your band. Go and see shows, how can you make your band better?

You guys come from all over. How does the Austin music scene compare to that of Los Angeles or New York City?

It’s hard to compare the Austin music scene to anything. There’s an Austin music scene but there isn’t really a music business, that’s the biggest difference and the biggest problem. Austin is great if your going to play 5 nights a week. In that right you can do well here. If you’re a rock band who doesn’t get the two-stepping crowd, you’re going to have more of a challenge. Yes, music is being played here every night more than anywhere in the world and that is awesome, but in NYC and LA you’ve got a better shot at making it. It’s just how it is.

What are some of your favorite venues to play in town?

Mohawk, Empire & Barracuda, no contest. They treat bands like artists, and we like that, because we are. Okay, and the occasional Hotel Vegas gig because their clientele always want to rock out.

What city are you most excited to visit on your upcoming tour?

Tulsa, it’s fun, they party, and so do we.

Tour always means a lot of time spent together. What show is everyone down to binge watch together?

On tour, we don’t often experience the ritz and glamour of color television. We spend most of our time in a moving vehicle with only our mobile devices. There is the occasional splurge on hotel rooms, in which we either party or sleep or both. Not much TV. If we DID, Kelly would insist on watching Forensic Files all night to help her sleep (the narrator calms her) and Chris Spencer would just be shushing everyone while he continues to catch up on The Sopranos.

Where can we see a Darkbird show before you leave, and how can we keep up with you while you’re on the road?

We’re having quite the ruse on the Friday following Valentine’s Day. We’ll be sharing the stage with Rare Birds, so we are calling the show “Be My Lovebird”, in honor of St. Valentine? It’s neither for or against this wretched holiday, we’re just gonna rock it out with some of our favorite musicians in town.

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