Health Care Reform (Panel Recap)

This past week, HealthMarkets gave us a very informative look at what Health Care Reform really is, when it will go into effect, when you need to get signed up and much more! All of this information can be found on this Power Point presentation.

In their presentation, HealthMarkets stressed some key points about the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

  • Under the ACA, 100% of your preventative care (immunizations, mammograms, etc.) is covered
  • If you don’t have health insurance by the time you do your taxes for 2014, you will be imposed a penalty fee
  • You can use ValuePenguin.com to know if you qualify for assistance paying your premium (ACA)
  • Humana typically has the lowest premium for the Austin area
  • For assistance signing up and picking a plan, HealthMarkets will help you complete an applications and customize your plan for free (with no allegiance to any certain company)

We encourage all artists and non-artists alike to look into this if you do not have coverage! The cost of being covered is minimal compared to the cost of something happening and not having coverage. If you have any questions after going through the HealthMarkets presentation above, you can contact:

Victoria Trevino

Josh Bazar


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