MIC Spotlight: Spotcaller App

In the Live Music Capital, we are no strangers to crowded community events calendars. The amount of incredible entertainment our city has to offer can get overwhelming. Enter Spotcaller, a new Austin-based app that aggregates show listings from all over the Web – letting you cut through the noise and showing just the info you need before going out. Spotcaller is the ultimate, simple live music guide.

Spotcaller was created by AMF MIC graduate and grant recipient Dave Blue. The app lets you search events by genre, neighborhood and artist – but it’s not limited to Austin venues; Spotcaller pulls information from online sources worldwide to give you the most complete show calendar out there.

The latest update from Spotcaller is their “showlist” feature. These showlists are bringing the same power of curation to live music that playlists have brought to streaming music. We’ve created our own Showlist featuring our top picks for the month of July. Bookmark it here and we’ll update it regularly to feature shows from our Artists of the Month, ADP Alumni and favorite venues around town.

Check out Spotcaller.

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