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New Music From The Artist Development Program ⚡️ Listen to ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown, Side B on Bandcamp today!

The Side B Singles are Available Now! Featuring brand-new original songs from AMF’s Artist Development Program Year 4 Artists: Aubrey Hays, Deezie Brown, DRINT, Pelvis Wrestley and Stone Wheels. Click here to support on Bandcamp.



AMF is excited to share Side B of ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown with you! Visit AMF on Bandcamp to download both sides of the Artist Development Program compilation album today.

Songs were recorded in September of 2020 at the world-renowned Bubble Studios right here in Austin, TX with GRAMMY-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith and our very own Einar Pedersen at the helm. The album is fully-funded by Austin Music Foundation, with no recoupable expenses for the artists. Each artist maintains 100% ownership of their music and walks away from the program with a tangible, high-quality product and a potential new source of income. Don’t forget to tune into KUTX 98.9 FM, or stream online from anywhere, to hear all 10 songs from our Artist Development Program played throughout the month of February!



Million Years by Pelvis Wrestley

‘Million Years’ is a song about unity, inspired by the supercontinent Pangea, and the idea that all continents might merge again before the end of the world. “‘Million Years’ is about evolution and evolving as a species,” says PW frontperson Benjamin Violet. “A song about one more chance at unity. In a million years, maybe we’ll get it together.”

Fairytale 500 by Deezie Brown

“The process for me when I’m songwriting is the instruments make me feel a certain way. If I hear a horn, I’m instantly trying to celebrate,” Deezie Brown says. That’s exactly how we feel listening to ‘Fairytale 500,” an upbeat anthem that features a stellar backing band (Victor Livingston, Wyatt Corder, and The Peterson Brothers) and Deezie himself on mellotron and synth.

Statue by Aubrey Hays

Influenced by the jazz standards she learned as a kid, Aubrey Hays’ ‘Statue’ has a haunting torch song feel. “There is something really epic and beautiful to well-written torch songs; [one] that just has a large scope of what it could mean for some, but a very particular meaning for the artist.”

Nothing More, Nothing Less by Stone Wheels

What started out as a simple writing prompt in a local songwriting group turned into a personal salvo about free living for Stone Wheels’ Andrew Gerfers. “Plus, it’s got this great prog-rock outro, which was fun to bring to the studio!” Gerf says. “I feel like we made a recording that sounds better than I could have imagined going into it.”

Complete Control by DRINT

This song has been a staple of DRINT’s live set since he first began performing over 3 years ago. The dance-pop counterpart to Side A‘s sultry ‘Upfront‘, ‘Complete Control’ is what the feeling of having a new crush might sound like. DRINT shows off his pop sensibility while staying true to his introspective nature. “Complete Control was a journey, it was a village of a song,” DRINT says. He collaborated with different songwriters and guitar player Alejandro Rios before bringing the song to the ADP sessions.



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