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Artist Spotlight: Cowboy Diplomacy

AMF is proud to feature Cowboy Diplomacy as our December Artist of the Month! 2019 was a pivotal year for the band, who released 3 new singles ahead of their debut full-length album, available December 13.  Recorded at 601 Studios in Austin, the album is an intensely personal one, focusing on growth in facing personal demons and learning from bad decisions. To quote KUTX’s Jack Anderson, “it’s all about ditching the vapidity of casual self-destruction in favor of showing love and respect for oneself and others.”

Cowboy Diplomacy deliver unrestrained, invigorating southern rock and blues, captivating its audience with unconventional style and raw lyrics. Cowboy Diplomacy is fronted by lead singer Ian Cochran, with Billy Boswell on lead guitar, Brad Bentley on bass and Matt Whilden on drums. While Ian’s unique growl-like vocals tend to draw the crowd in, it’s the energy and music that the band creates as a whole that keeps them around. 

Get to know the guys in our exclusive AMF interview!


What does it mean to you to be named AMF’s Artist of the Month?

Being named AMF’s Artist of the Month is amazing. To be recognized by such a great organization amongst some of the most talented artists and musicians in the world is a huge honor. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Where does the name “Cowboy Diplomacy” come from? 

The name Cowboy Diplomacy comes from the streets. Where good men have to make tough decisions to get by. Brad picked it up in school while studying political science. Although we aren’t country, we are for certain ‘Cowboy.’

Ian, you have a really unique voice and it tends to be one of the first things people notice about Cowboy Diplomacy. Do you have any vocalists you feel inspire your delivery?

There’s so many. Some that have inspired me most are Anthony Kiedis, Jim Morrison, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Paul Cauthen, John Legend, Chris Martin and Caleb Followill.

You’ve said before that you take influence from artists like Rival Sons, Kaleo, and Kings of Leon. Have any new influences entered the fold for this new album? 

No one new has entered the picture for us. We have been working on these songs for almost two years now. Our next album coming will for sure have some new and different inspirations.

The debut album comes out on December 13. What will you be doing to celebrate?

We will be celebrating that night at Empire Control Room. It’s going to be a double record release party with our buddies The Lewd Dudes. Doors are at 9 and we will start at 11:30pm. It’s gonna be a party all night long, so come by! [Get details here]

How has your approach to song-writing evolved since your first single? 

My songwriting personally has evolved a lot since the first single, “Follow Me.” Working with different people in Austin has just made me better. Understanding the formula to write a song. Diving deep into your emotions and writing it down on paper to make it a reality. Guys like Andy Nixon, Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith, and Kevin Wommack have really helped me to become a better songwriter.

What do you think will surprise fans about the upcoming record? 

I think fans might be surprised by how rock ‘n’ roll the album is. It’s very different from our debut single. It’s just straight-up in-your-face, highway-bumpin’, head-bangin’ rock. Lyrically, I think the album in general might throw people off guard. Opening up about inner demons and being vulgar might throw some people off. Hopefully in a good way.

You’ve gotten to play with bigger and bigger artists lately, from Bishop Gunn to A Thousand Horses. Is there anyone in particular y’all are hoping to play with next?

Ian and Brad: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Billy: Todd Snider

Matt: Anderson .Paak

What is the band’s favorite song to play live? 

Ian: Burn Down The Road

Brad: May Day

Matt: Mountain Man

Billy: Sir Rena Winters

In “The Get Down” you mention drinking Don Julio on the rocks, what is everyone’s go-to “get down” drink? 

Ian: Gem and Bolt Mezcal

Brad: Johnny Walker Blue

Matt: Shiner Bock

Billy: Miller High Life 

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