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28 Days of Bevis Griffin, In Conclusion: Documenting the History of Our Future

Written by Jennifer Dugas, Executive Director of the Austin Music Foundation


“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” – C. Wright Mills


Jennifer Dugas, AMF Executive Director

History is a powerful continuum for discovery and edification, and no story is more powerfully told than by those who exemplify greater understanding by having created, lived, and walked it. Bevis M. Griffin did all of this, boldly and without reservation, and in doing so carved a path for others to pursue their own creative destiny. If I were to distill his journey down to one all-encompassing word, it is self-determination.

As one of the few Black music executives in Austin, and an exemplar of Black excellence in his field, Bevis is not the exception – he is a phenomenon. His creativity spans five decades as an artist, producer, entrepreneur, music educator, and celebrity consultant. 

Recognizing, honoring and celebrating Bevis’ seminal musical legacy and sociocultural contributions to Austin music and Black history is where our story begins. Elevating the conversation and the voices of those who deserve to be heard, who should be heard, is where our work continues. Looking through the lens of Bevis’ own experiences with systemic racism, racial inequity, and social injustices, some 30+ years ago, as told in his words, provides a poignant and timely lesson to institutions that there is still much work to be done.

Austin Music Foundation is exceedingly grateful to Bevis M. Griffin for the great privilege, and greater responsibility, bestowed upon our organization of honoring his legacy. 


In closing, Bevis would like to thank and acknowledge the following people:


Written by Bevis M. Griffin


In the conclusion of this magnanimous opportunity, I would first like to thank almighty GOD for his divine beneficence and Lord Jesus, my eternal savior for shielding my heart through turbulent oceans of darkness and restoring my soul to empirical spiritual health and sanctity.

Bevis Griffin - Austin Music Foundation
Bevis M. Griffin

I’d like to thank the following individuals for their unwavering LOVE, guidance, and steadfast friendship.

Mrs. Kim Griffin, Adrienne Lake, Chris Pizzolo, Fumihito Sugawara, Jennifer Dugas, Emily Miller, Stephanie Foxx, Tim Stegall, Gordon Roberts, Joah Spearman, Luke Jacobs, Darrell McNeill, Greg Tate, Vernon Reid, C.K. Bailey, Tim Hatfield, Jade Fabelo, John Carlos Estrada, Deborah Sengupta-Stith, Johnny Goudie, Marc V. Fort, Gavin Lance Garcia, Dani McBane, David Arriaga, Delmus Jeffery, Stephanie Negriff, Dr. Thomas Stanley, Bruce Mack, Rick Carney, Sam Dresser, Alex Vallejo, James Robinson, Terrell Shahid, Stephanie Harrison, Stephanie Moore, Pilar Arias, Jamie Hill, Dain Dunston, Raoul Hernandez, Steve Wertheimer, Wayne Nagel, Jimmy Saurage, Jimmie Randall, John Staehely, Patterson Barrett, Jimmy Petit, Johnny Medina, Steve Dotolo, Courtney Audain, Billy Blackmon, Alisa O’Leary, Ron Backer, John Rollo, Judith Glover, Brad Balfour, Gene Gagliardi, Ian Ralfini, Dr. Know, Anthony Countey, Lynn Robinson, Andy Griggs, Jack Douglas, Leyola Perez, Kim & Joe Dallasandro, Stephen Doster, Mark Younger Smith, and Bevis M Griffin. Thanks, everyone! XOX

My success to date is due to my spiritual belief that GOD sees all of us in his divine image. People united can abolish racism!



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