December 2019 – Cowboy Diplomacy

Cowboy Diplomacy

AMF is proud to feature Cowboy Diplomacy as our December Artist of the Month! 2019 was a pivotal year for the band, who released 3 new singles ahead of their debut full-length album, available December 13.  Recorded at 601 Studios in Austin, the album is an intensely personal one, focusing on growth in facing personal demons and learning from bad decisions. To quote KUTX‘s Jack Anderson, “it’s all about ditching the vapidity of casual self-destruction in favor of showing love and respect for oneself and others.”

Cowboy Diplomacy deliver unrestrained, invigorating southern rock and blues, captivating its audience with unconventional style and raw lyrics. While frontman Ian Cochran’s unique growl-like vocals tend to draw the crowd in, it’s the energy and music that the band creates as a whole that keeps them around.

Get to know the guys in our exclusive AMF interview.