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Deezie Brown

Deezie Brown

Unexpected and unconventional, Deezie Brown’s sound is uniquely positioned to make shockwaves in the alternative hip-hop scene. The Bastrop, Texas born-and-raised artist enjoys frequent airplay on KUTX 98.9 and has appeared nationally in prominent music festivals such as SXSW, Underground Music Showcase, and Austin’s Inaugural Summer Jam. Deezie Brown has been interviewed by the Watching the Throne podcast as well as The Most Unruly

Deezie Brown released Judith, his daring album debut, in February 2018. The album centers biblical themes as it interrogates power, war, and modern-day isolation. Deezie’s musical output finds its most fluent expression where it lays siege to various ‘enemies’ – whether these are flailing relationships, personal obstacles, or mere mortality. 

Embedded within the impressive soundscapes of “Nicotine” or the brassy samples driving “Roadkill” are raw Southern influences such as OutKast or UGK. Off-kilter production aesthetics are brought into focus by Deezie’s precise and melodic raps. Deezie’s hard-hitting and often disorienting tracks hit with the full force of hip-hop spectacle.

His next album promises to tailor towards themes of social isolation, uncovering the blue-collar worker as its muse. The album concept comes from a place of appreciation for those who “do what is necessary to live their best life”. It doesn’t take a deep listen to recognize that an accomplished and talented musician such as Deezie Brown is no stranger to the hustle. Any direction will be a welcome one from this spontaneous and dedicated artist.

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