AOTM Spotlight: Kady Rain

Who is Kady Rain?

Kady Rain works tirelessly to write songs as personal as her disses and as catchy as a touchdown pass. Recently named one of Wolf in a Suit’s Top 5 new Indie Queens of Music and a “hitmaker” by PopWrapped, Kady Rain is blasting the feel good vibes of bubblegum pop in Austin, TX.


You were a part of a number of music projects throughout your early twenties including being the front woman for a sludge metal band. How did you find your sound?

I have always had very eclectic music tastes but pop music was always in my heart. Even when I was in the sludge metal band I would write songs that were too “poppy” for the band and I would just hold on to them, waiting for the day when I could make them on my own. I’ve always written hooks, even when I wanted to be obscure like Patti Smith or angry like Iggy Pop or the Sex Pistols. The sound that I have now developed when I started working with Ben Bazzrea, my main partner in crime. He was the first person I’d ever worked with that wasn’t trying to fit my pop sensibilities into another genre, he saw it for what it was and that’s when I fully embraced pop music!

If you could tell little Kady Rain one thing about being a musician, what would it be?

First, I’d probably tell myself that my outfit is on point. Second, I would say you can’t do it on your own, find your fellow humans that dream the same dream and are just as passionate. And NEVER QUIT, never stop honing your craft!

You’re like a cross between Gaga and Katy Perry. Would you say you take inspiration from those artists or are you something totally different all together?

I love Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but I’m not trying to live in anyone’s shadow. The direction I see myself heading will help dispel the notion that I’m either of those artists, and help to establish my sound as a bright spot in the constellation.

What period of time did it take to record your EP “All I Ever Wanted”? When did you finish it? Are you taking a break now or are you still writing songs?

The process started over two years ago, actually, when we recorded Rue the Day in the summer of 2014, and we finished the EP just in the nick of time and got the master back for The City on August 4th! Over the course of that time we wrote around 80 completed tracks but over 130 ideas were brought to the table, ideas that we would start but soon abandoned because they weren’t “us” or they weren’t good enough. We’re always writing songs and we have so many that I’m ready to record! We want to release a follow up EP in the middle of next year.

What activities outside of music help you get the creative juices flowing? Any spots around Austin that you go to for inspiration?

I love thrifting. I express myself through my wardrobe and I love finding unique, colorful and vintage pieces to wear onstage and offstage. I’m also a big believer in walks, and I feel more centered when I walk every night. I love being in nature so regular visits to the greenbelt to swim are essential.

The first three songs on your EP (Can’t Save Us, All I Ever Wanted, R.A.D. Moves) have a very upbeat and peppy feel. However, the last two songs (The City and Rue the Day) have a melodramatic and personal feel. What made you want to show these two sides of yourself? How personal are your songs?

I wanted to include these to show that I can be a multifaceted performer and I’m capable of doing more than straight down the middle pop. Some people relate more to the upbeat songs while others derive meaning from more intimate songs, and I wanted to include a little something for everyone. These songs also mean a lot to me. Rue the Day was not only the first song that we recorded, but it is one of the songs I wrote about my personal experiences with domestic violence. The song came to me almost all at once while I was driving and I had to scream it out. It is still a very powerful song to me today and every time I hear it I think of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve healed.

Being Artist of the Month is a pretty big deal. What does it mean to you?

I’m a born and raised Austinite, so the acceptance of my peers and my hometown is enough to make me cry! When I started writing for this project two years ago it was just Ben and me on his front porch writing songs late into the night. We had no idea where it was going to lead but I’m so thankful for all of the support and recognition of this crazy dream that I had that’s now turned into a reality!

How did you come across the Austin Music Foundation? What is one thing you learned that you wish you had known before?

We had heard about it through one of Ben’s friends, Nick Wong, who is Operations Manager at AMF. They actually used to be in a band together called Sleep Talk a few years back and when Nick found out that Ben and I were making music together he invited us for a visit! We’ve learned a lot through AMF and I really enjoy going to the panels. The most valuable lessons were about PR campaigns and networking at the events!

So what now? Are you looking for fame and fortune, or are you just playing for the love of the music?

I’ve wanted to be a pop singer since I can remember. I’m going to keep doing what I do best, keep pushing forward and creating the best art that I can share with the world. I make music because I don’t know what else I would do. But in all seriousness, we’re simply trying to take over the world, darling! <3

We’re so excited to have Kady Rain as our October Artist of the Month, take a listen below and follow Kady on Facebook HERE or visit her website HERE.

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