New Lime Hero Program Lets Riders Give Back to Local Community

Via Lime:

When was the last time your trip across town helped support a good cause?

With the beta launch of Lime’s new donation module, Lime Hero, now every ride on one of our smart mobility vehicles is a chance to give back to the community.

The program offers bike and scooter riders the opportunity to add a small additional percentage to the cost of their trip in support of great local organizations.

The initiative is the first of its kind in the smart mobility industry, and one that has the potential to make a significant and positive impact by raising awareness of nonprofit organizations across the country.

“At Lime, we see our success tied to the success of the cities in which we live and work,” said Ryan Gallentine, Lime’s Director of Mobilization. “That’s why we are excited to launch this feature, because it’s another way for us and our riders to connect with the community. The organizations we’ve partnered with are doing local, meaningful work that we want to celebrate.”

Lime’s first pilots will be launched this week in Seattle, Washington DC and Austin. Each city has its own unique local partner, including Cascade Bicycle Club, a champion for better and safer bicycle infrastructure; Austin Music Foundation, a program to strengthen the local music industry through workshops; and Building Bridges Across the River, a non-profit that aims to alleviate social, health, environmental and economic disparities within DC.

Lime riders randomly selected to take part in the initial test groups will be notified both in the app and via email, at which point they’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our partner organizations and decide whether or not to opt into the program.

As the “Lime Hero” initiative grows, more local partners will be added to the registry. This will allow participants to donate to the causes that are most important to their community.

“AMF is excited to partner with Lime to support local musicians,” said Emily Miller, Communications & Outreach for Austin Music Foundation. “A few cents multiplied by hundreds of rides makes a huge difference for our organization and allows us to improve our programs, support revenue development opportunities for musicians and strengthen every aspect of the Austin music community!”

The team at Lime is proud to be leading the way in this effort, and we’re excited to use the knowledge gained from our pilot launch to grow the program in communities across the United States and Europe.

Click here to download the Lime app, or visit our donation page to learn more about our “Lime Hero” donation program and get to know our first three community partners.

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