Artist Spotlight: The Selfless Lovers

Established in the Fall of 2015, The Selfless Lovers is a band that feels unique yet familiar: bridging funk, indie rock, soul and R&B influences into an exciting entertainment experience.

The Selfless Lovers offer an energized, modern interpretation of rock & roll and soul influences. Their music showcases something for all music lovers with a retro sound, uplifting melodies and catchy hooks. Featuring Nik Parr on lead vocals, keys and sax, Daniel Warner on percussion, Daniel Kerner on lead guitar and Augie Gittmer on bass, The Selfless Lovers have honed their sound into a dynamic and forceful, four piece rock & roll act.

We chatted with band leader and founder Nik Parr to learn more about the band!

Photo by Bailey Toksöz Photography

You’re originally from Corpus Christi – what drew you to the Austin music scene?

Going to UT Austin to get my BBA in Marketing originally brought me here. But ironically, by my senior year, I ended up spending more time out at venues and dive bars playing shows than in class like I was supposed to be.

How did you first get involved with AMF and what does being our Artist of the Month mean to you?

I believe Louie Carr recommended AMF to me early on when I was just getting started in Austin. He was working with Kev Bev and The Woodland Creatures at the time and I was playing some saxophone with them, and they all had good things to say about AMF.

As far as what it means for The Selfless Lovers, AMF is one of the top organizations in Austin. I think AMF is a great way to reach people and reach the community, and at the most basic level, I want this music to be making a positive impact in the world, and that starts with Austin. AMF is obviously a very respected organization with great talent and associations with fantastic musicians, so it means a lot to be featured and to partner with AMF. It means a lot for our credibility in Austin, and most importantly it means the music can connect to more people, and that’s really exciting.

What’s on the radar for The Selfless Lovers in August?

Lot’s of shows, releasing the new album, and driving driving driving around Texas. We’ll be celebrating our new album with a release show at Stubb’s on August 10. We’ll be in Houston on the 18th supporting Eric Tessmer’s big birthday show. Well be in San Antonio, Corpus, and even San Angelo along with a couple dates in Austin.

How can fans listen to the new record?

I want it to be really easy to get ahold of our new music. It’ll be on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and really all the major distribution services. They can also come to the live show. That’s the best way to hear the songs anyway and the most fun.

Where do you find your biggest inspirations in music and in life?

In music, biggest inspiration originally came from my dad. He plays piano by ear, like myself, and played lots of rock and roll/ boogie music around the house when I was a kid and he also introduced me to good music; The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry, Otis Redding, Jerry Lee Lewis and fun music like that. Most importantly my dad helped me develop a taste in really fun and high energy music which is one of the big things that defines the sound of The Selfless Lovers.

Also, I got my start in Austin playing with lots of soul and blues bands on the East Side and the band, as a whole, has an ear for soul and blues influence as well.

The theme of everything though, is trying to make honest music for myself and for the audience. Being honest in who I am and talking about love and pain and just life as a whole is real what the inspiration is and what the music is about.

How has your music evolved since you first began writing and recording?

The music has changed so much in the span of about two years. I think a big part of it is embracing creating music that is real and genuine as opposed to “trying to be,” something that I’m not with regard to songwriting. A lot of artists will talk about that. The sound, though, has solidified from a funky jam band to a tight and focused rock and roll sound with pop and soul influence. There’s a lot more focus and a lot less excess. Everything has a purpose now.

What do you think has been your band’s biggest musical accomplishment to date?

It’s an exciting time and it feels like we’re achieving new things with every show. Playing the outside stage at Mohawk was big. Headlining at C Boy’s on a Friday night with Aaron Stephens was a big success. Getting on KLBJ with Loris Lowe was really cool. Maybe just touring around Texas from city to city the past few months and booking real shows with guarantees at good venues has been inspiring.

If the whole band had to participate in a trivia night, what topic would you have the best chance of winning?

Trivia- Probably 60’s and 70’s music honestly. Danny (our drummer) knows a lot about superheroes and comic books.

Last question: how can people stay in touch with The Selfless Lovers? Let us know where we can find you!

Facebook and Instagram are great for us: Facebook page is just The Selfless Lovers. Instagram is theselflessloversmusic. I’m also quick on emails at theselflesslovers@gmail.com

Photo by Bailey Toksöz Photography

Our resident AOTM photographer Ismael Quintanilla III dropped by The Selfless Lovers album release to get some photos of the band performing live!

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  1. Saw The Selfless Lovers is Corpus Christi,a few weeks ago. They were awesome! Lots of energy good music and connecting with the audience. I think when you connect with your audience you have done your job well! You can tell they really enjoy giving you a great show. And appreciate you being there to see them. Keep up the hard work guys.

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