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Magna Carda

Described as “Austin’s answer to The Roots,” by Mashable, Magna Carda was created in 2011 on a college campus by keyboardist/producer Dougie Do and rapper Megz Kelli. Magna Carda defies the boundaries of genre, blending rap, jazz, R&B, and electronic to create a dynamic, unparalleled sound. In 2013, the duo began working with guitarist and longtime collaborator Eric “The Greek” Nikolaides – later adding bassist Derek Van Wagner and drummer Michael “Brotha Mike” Gonzales in 2014. The group’s mastery of live instrumentation, studio production, and profound lyricism have captured the imagination of listeners and the attention of critics alike in Austin and beyond.

Magna Carda established themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with after performing at the inaugural X Games in Austin, later taking the stage alongside hip-hop household names including The Pharcyde, Joey Bada$$, Chali 2na, and Oddisee. They garnered coverage from national press outlets such as Buzzfeed and NPR, landing a spot on NPR’s “Heavy Rotation.” As a trailblazer in Austin’s flourishing hip-hop scene, Magna Carda continues to set new precedents for live musicianship and genre fusion.

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