Reopen Every Venue Safely

In the face of a total shutdown of the live music industry, Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) was created, rooted in the idea that community can create shared learnings and efficient solutions in a time of crisis. The REVS goal is not the premature opening of venues. Rather, it is focused on ensuring our community is prepared when the time comes.

REVS is a national campaign of Music Cities Together that seeks to support the live music industry by developing work plans, protocols, and communications strategies that will help communities reopen live music as quickly and safely as possible while effectively engaging with key stakeholders including musicians, venue employees, and audiences.

Austin Music Foundation is proud to be a community partner for REVS, along with Red River Cultural District, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, the SIMS Foundation, and Austin Texas Musicians.

The Austin REVS team responsible for drafting this guide was comprised of Bobby Garza, Don Pitts, Brian Block, Cody Ross Cowan, Sara Henry, Stephanie Bergara, and Erica Shamaly.

This guide leaned heavily on the input, careful review, and sometimes long conversations from several invaluable individuals: Cody Ross Cowan, Dave Machinist, Ryan Garrett, Christian Mella, Laurel White, Johnny Sarkis, and Cory Baker.

REVS is guided by a well-respected team of leaders nationally that includes: Michael Bracy, Don Pitts, Dani Grant, Kate Becker, Ashlye Keaton, Kwende Kefentse, and Bobby Garza.

We hope that this is the beginning of a larger, more extended, and robust community conversation around reopening, repair and how the live music industry will respond when the time is right.

Click here to download the Austin REVS guide.

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