ATX Gen Next by Austin Music Foundation

Gifting You New Music From AMF This Holiday Season! Introducing ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown, Side A Singles

2020 was a year unlike any other in Austin music history. The very foundation of our once vibrant “Live Music Capital of the World” shook beneath us, our pillars tested – but we’ll keep fighting and working together to rebuild. 

And in the spirit of our people and City, through it all, we’ll keep making music.

Visit to download Side A of the ATX Gen Next compilation album, recorded this year at the world-renowned Bubble Studios right here in Austin, TX with GRAMMY-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith and our very own Einar Pedersen at the helm. Through the ADP, AMF is investing in high-level production of new material at no cost to the artists, with no recoupable expenses.

Your $5 donation will help AMF continue leading the way in producing innovative, career-advancing programs, including the ADP. 

Every dollar over the suggested donation will go directly to these worthy artists.



ARTIST DEVELOPMENT REIMAGINED. Learn more about the ADP and our artists here.

Designed by AMF and launched in 2017, the Artist Development Program is a highly selective signature program that supports and advances the most talented independent artists in Austin. Each year, we select a group of 5-7 artists who represent a diverse cross-section of the local music scene and demonstrate exceptional artistic and professional drive and promise.


Education through application. We cultivate artistic growth and strength of craft to make the business aspects surrounding the art more usefully taught, identified, utilized, and most importantly, valued.

Organic evolution. The process begins with exciting new material from a wide and eclectic range of impactful music. The recording sessions, one-on-one’s, and peer-to-peer group discussions between the artists and mentors allow the program to exist as a living, breathing system. The ADP fluidly grows with each dynamic personality, and the artists grow with each new relationship.

Ownership. Artists retain 100% of the rights to their music (and again, no recoupable costs), along with the use of all promotional materials created on their behalf throughout the program. We arm the artists with a tangible, competitive product, a re-focused sense of value in their music, and a bevy of promotional tools.

Sustainability. By encouraging and instructing artists to create and deliver product which meets their own standards as fans, we arm them with the best philosophy to gain investment from their own fanbase. 


Thanks for taking this journey with us as we reimagine a new way forward. And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality. 

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